Dear Blog Reader,

If you’ve made it here to the About post, then probably you want to know who I am.  I’m happy to oblige–anything for you, dear Blog Reader.  I’m a lifelong lover of children’s books, and more recently a scholar of them, with a Master’s in Children’s Literature from Simmons College in Boston.  I am a former bookseller at Curious George Books & Toys in Harvard Square, a former assistant at The Association of Booksellers for Children, and a current bookseller at Children’s Book World in Haverford, PA.  Clearly, most of the reviews I post here will be about children’s books, though there will be the occasional grown-up title.

Also, I’d like to point out that this is a personal site, and all opinions presented here are my own–they do not reflect the opinions of the businesses or individuals for whom I am now or have been employed.  Everybody’s got their own particular cup of tea–this blog offers mine.  As for the epistolary format, I find it easier to call my thoughts to order and to really carefully consider what I want to say about a book if the comments are addressed directly to the creators; I try to always be respectful of the time and effort that goes into every book I read, no matter what I thought of the book itself.

If you’d like to contact me outside of blog comments, you can do so at a.big.apple.reads@gmail.com!

Now, you might be asking, what’s with the apple?  Let’s just say that apples are heavy with symbolism, and all of it is symbolism I enjoy.  I also like to eat them.  Crunch crunch!




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