Dear Very Patient Blog Readers,

November 19, 2009

You may be asking yourselves where the reviews I promised for November are hiding themselves–and the answer would be “in my overworked brain.”  I’ve got a stack a mile high just waiting to be posted here, but November is proving to be as overwhelming as October was.  I can only hope that December will somehow be better.  I haven’t forgotten about you, my few faithful readers, and I imagine you checking this blog every day with hope in your hearts, only to have that hope dashed by my lameness.  That’s how I imagine it goes, anyway.

Let’s consider November another month of hiatus, and I’ll do my best to return full force in December–gotta fit in everything I read in ’09 before it’s ’10, after all!  In the interim, if you find yourself suddenly craving my sparkling wit and charm, check out the Curious George blog, on which I have a regular weekly feature.  😉

See you again soon, I hope!