Dear Blog Readers,

I was thinking today about how summer is almost over, and about how fall comes after that, and about how Christmas and the New Year seem not so far away right now…and that led me to wonder about how many books I will have read in 2009 by the time it’s done.  Which then led me to wonder how many pages of text all that reading will equal.

So I decided that I’m going to add page counts to my posts from here on!  So that when 2010 rolls around, I can look back and add up the numbers and find out just how much reading I really did this year.  I’m also going to go back and add up the books and pages I’ve read so far.  Yikes.

I’ve just made a lot of work for myself, but I think it will be fun in the end.  So look for more regular posts from me–life has calmed down considerably now–and also look for the addition of pages-so-far tracking!




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