Dear Natalie Russell,

Moon RabbitMoon Rabbit – Natalie Russell

Little Rabbit loves her life in the city–there’s a park to play in, and her favorite café, and her cozy little home.  Still, sometimes Little Rabbit gets lonely, and she wonders if there’s a little rabbit like her out there.  Then one moonlit night she travels out to the country, and meets Brown Rabbit, playing his guitar.  They spend wonderful days together, but soon Little Rabbit starts to think about her cozy city home, and she knows it’s time for her to leave.  But it’s okay–now she knows there’s another rabbit like her out there.

Moon Rabbit is already intensely beloved by my coworkers at Curious George, and by me too!  It’s so gently sweet, but not in that saccharine way–you have an eloquent, poetic text here that’s simple but really honed.  It’s just beautiful!  Of course there’s the artwork, too–the delicate flowers in the country, the soft shapes of Little Rabbit and Brown Rabbit, the patchwork moon, it’s all lovely and soothing.  You’ve captured the sweetness and comfort of friendship, and you’ve also given Little Rabbit an independent life.  You’d be surprised how important that is to me in my love for this book; Little Rabbit doesn’t mind being alone, and loves her city life, but now can look forward to visits with a friend.  It’s just the way I want to be.  Five stars!



Wanna check out this title for yourself?  Try the Indie Bound or ABC bookstore finders!


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