Dear La Zoo, Robert Kempo and David Gomberg,

SquigglesHolesHoles! and Squiggles! – La Zoo, English translation by Robert Kempe and David Gomberg

Two coloring books like no others, Holes! and Squiggles! invite even the youngest artists to use their imaginations.  Holes! presents differently-shaped holes in each page that function like stencils–color in a triangle on one page, and when you turn to the next the triangle has become a pine tree.  Squiggles! caters to an even younger crowd, inviting you to use squiggles to put fur on a dog, hair on a child, bubbles in the bath, and many other fun uses.

Holes! and Squiggles! are the kind of coloring books that I would have adored as a child.  They remind me of The Anti-Coloring Books, which occupied me for endless hours when I was little, and which I’ve always kept.  These two books are so great!  I love that they’re printed in full color, and that they encourage drawing, creating, rather than just coloring within black lines.  Holes is particularly brilliant, with shapes to color in or color over that become something else on the next page–it’s so fun!  Five stars for both!



Wanna check out this title for yourself?  Try the Indie Bound or ABC bookstore finders!


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