Dear Cornelia Funke and Anthea Bell,

InkspellInkspell – Cornelia Funke, translated by Anthea Bell

It’s been a year since Capricorn and his henchmen were defeated, and though Meggie’s glad to have her mother back, she finds herself longing to see the world inside the Inkheart book.  Dustfinger’s longing is even stronger, and he convinces a man named Orpheus to read him home again.  Unfortunately, Orpheus isn’t all that he seems; Farid gets left behind, and in his desperation to follow Dustfinger, he seeks Meggie’s aid.  It’s just the excuse Meggie has been looking for, and she leaves the world she knows behind, reading herself and Farid into the Inkworld.  Of course, they must learn the hard way that the Inkworld has its own dangers–and it’s getting rapidly out of hand.

Almost immediately after putting Inkheart down, still in that happy dreamy place that good fantasy can take me, I picked Inkspell up.  I was delighted, as any fan of fantasy surely would be, by the prospect of venturing into the Inkworld, and extremely pleased to see Dustfinger in his natural environment.  I was in love with him before, but it was this book that really made him special to me.  The way he takes Farid under his wing, the way he redeems the morally ambiguous actions of his past, and the revelation that he wasn’t just missing home, but also his wife and his children…well, I’m a Dustfinger fan for life, now.  Oh, and everyone else was great, too.  😉  Truly, this was a sometimes surprising, often gripping, always pleasing continuation of the Inkheart story.  Five stars again!



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