Dear Delphine Chedru,

Spot It!Spot It!  Find the Hidden Creatures – Delphine Chedru

This unique seek-and-find picturebook looks like just a collection of colorful, retro patterns at first glance–but look hard enough and you’ll find a host of hiding creatures!

Spot It! is the kind of book that I want to display on my coffee table–it’s just so much fun to look at, bright and vivid, with full bleeds on the patterned pages and lots of white space on the facing text pages.  Also, the animals are all surprisingly well hidden!  It’s a very fun book to page through.  I did have two issues with it, though.  First, the binding was kind of weird–it’s somehow a little softer and less solid than a hardcover, but it’s clearly not a paperback either.  The final effect looks more like a sturdy composition notebook than an actual hardback picturebook.  I could overlook that, though, because in a strange way it adds to the retro feel of the book.  My other issue, though, is with the final spread.  All the creatures that were hidden on the previous pages are hidden somewhere in this final picture, except one–and the text asks the reader to figure out which one, without providing the answer.  Now, I could go back and forth through every page and figure it out, and I’m sure any other reader could, too–but it severely disrupted my enjoyment of the book as a whole.  The flow was cut abruptly short, asking me to go back and forth checking for each animal instead of pulling things together in a satisfying, tied-up ending.  It would’ve been a good solid four without that jolt at the end, but I think I’ve got to drop it down to a three.  It’s still definitely on my list of books to buy, though, just for the sake of the lovely colors!



Wanna check out this title for yourself?  Try the Indie Bound or ABC bookstore finders!


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