Dear Judy Blume,

Here's to You, Rachel RobinsonI’ve only recently realized that though I loved many of your books when I was a young girl, I haven’t actually read many of them.  Here’s To You, Rachel Robinson, for instance, which I certainly should have read before now seeing as how my name’s also Rachel.  I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, when I started reading–it seemed like your average slice-of-young-teen-life, except a bit dated, which I often find dull.  But seeing as how it’s you, authoress of many amazing books, I kept going.  It got better.  I wasn’t really very fond of Rachel, she struck me as a little whiny, but I was definitely intrigued by her troublemaker brother and his unpredictability.  What started out as dull built into a really interesting look at a family having some pretty difficult problems, and they weren’t really resolved–which sometimes irritates me, but this time it didn’t.  It was still a bit dated, but that can’t be helped, since you wrote it in 1993.  All in all, I liked the language and the family troubles, though I didn’t really enjoy Rachel herself, which is an issue since she’s the narrator, so I’d say that makes this a four-star read.



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