Dear Allen Say,

Erika-sanErika-san has hit the shelves just at the right time for me to love it–I’ve been growing increasingly interested in everything Japanese, and found myself quite jealous of Erika-san’s drive, and her very pretty kimono.  I’ve always enjoyed your books, but this one is particularly great, I think because it’s about someone sort of grown-up, like me!  It also had the wondrous effect of being about a subject matter I am slightly familiar with–I was very pleased with myself for knowing about honorifics like -san before I read the book, in an entirely childish and childlike way.  I don’t know what I’d think about that if I were the age of a typical picturebook reader, but I think the idea of growing up and seeing your dream through, and finding romance, and settling down somewhere amazing could definitely appeal.  And of course, as always, the art is absolutely beautiful.  Five stars, I loved it, and I want to grow up to be Erika-san.  Or maybe I want to grow up and marry Erika-san–that could work too.



Wanna check out this title for yourself?  Try the Indie Bound or ABC bookstore finders!


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