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There’s been a rash of children’s books becoming movies lately, with varying degrees of success (I rather liked The City of Ember movie, but still haven’t seen Bridge to Terabithia out of fear that it won’t do justice to one of the formative books of my childhood).  In general, I’m in favor of the adaptation of so many children’s stories; though I have and always will love to read, I’m a visual person by nature, and I’m always deeply pleased if a book is adapted well into a medium I find easier to understand and retain.  The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a great example–I found the books to be dry, confusing, and nearly impossible to finish, but seeing them as movies made it easy to appreciate the genius storytelling.

Where the Wild Things Are movieSo, on that note, I wanted to point out some exciting news about upcoming movie adaptations, for all of you other visual people out there.  First, USA Today online has a brief article on the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie, with a slideshow of astonishing photos that make me very hopeful and happy about the production.  Second, Cynopsis Kids! reports that Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twilight (which I sincerely enjoyed and thought was a more streamlined version of the plot, but which caught some flack from younger fans) is slated to direct a movie adaptation of If I Stay by Gayle Forman (which I reviewed not long ago).  She’s also in discussion to direct an adaptation of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series.

Also, I know I’ve posted about this before, but I’m SO EXCITED about Peter Jackson directing The Lovely Bones.  I can’t wait to see it!!

That’s it on the movie front…if you know of an upcoming adaptation that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to comment!



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  1. Mom says:

    I totally agree with your comment about the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I never would have gotten through them without the movies and I’m really anxious to see Where the Wild Things Are!! It looks amazing!

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