Dear Nahoko Uehashi, Cathy Hirano and Yuko Shimizu,

Moribito Guardian of the SpiritApparently your book Moribito:  Guardian of the Spirit is the first installment of a quite popular series in Japan–and I can see why!  I found myself wishing that I could get your Balsa and Kristin Cashore’s Katsa together for tea and sweet martial arts action.  I think it’s difficult to translate Japanese prose for an American audience; the narrative style, from what I’ve experienced in my own reading, is very different and sometimes comes across as bland or distant.  The story was intriguing, though, and the art was beautiful!  I picked this book up because the design and the artwork just took my breath away.  It’s great design like this that make me a huge believer in the staying power of the physical book, even in the face of e-readers and other such devices.  Five stars, and now I’m off to check out the anime!



Wanna check out this title for yourself?  Try the Indie Bound or ABC bookstore finders!


One Response to Dear Nahoko Uehashi, Cathy Hirano and Yuko Shimizu,

  1. […] since I picked up the first Moribito, Balsa has been a personal heroine who remains very close to my heart.  I think part of it is that […]

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