Dear Inda Schaenen,

Rainy Day RescueI loved the Saddle Club books when I was a kid, caught in the throes of the horse phase, and I picked up Saddle Wise #1:  Rainy Day Rescue in the hopes of recapturing some of that horsey joy.  You didn’t do a bad job, really–I think I just forgot how mediocre these kinds of series books often are.  You had all the elements of a horse-and-girl story here, which made it pleasantly familiar but also a little bit dull, and the prose could have been a bit more…sparkling, maybe.  My feeling about it is that it’s a sort of knobby-kneed little cousin of Marguerite Henry’s body of work, trying to keep on its feet but occasionally stumbling into a pile of gangliness.  Okay, enough with the horse metaphors–three stars (and not the kind on Rainy Day’s forehead).



Wanna check out this title for yourself?  Try the Indie Bound or ABC bookstore finders!


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