Dear Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett,

HavemercyHavemercy was a great fantasy! I loved it! Sometimes it was predictable, but I still loved it! Well-written, interesting, with just enough of a world created that it felt full without overwhelming me with foreign words and details I’d never needed to know in the first place. What could be better than talking mechanical dragons, sweet spring/autumn romance, awkward university students and studly war heroes?
Well, I could have asked for one thing–a little (or even a lot) less derogatory language about women/portrayals of women, and one or two female characters who didn’t feel like they were just thrown in on a whim. I understand the personality you were trying to create with the dragon rider who likes to slap ladies on the ass and talk about spreading their legs all the time, and I liked him by the end, but I found some of that groundwork offensive–it went farther than needed. The book had a definite slant in the direction of objectifying women–the three districts of the capital city were given women’s names and called the sister districts, the genderless dragons were referred to as their riders’ “girls,” and women were absent altogether from any kind of healthy romantic interest among the straight male characters. I am surprised that a book written by two women had no substantial female presence in it. This male onesidedness is what kept this book at four stars instead of five. Quite a romp, if a chauvinist romp. 🙂



Wanna check out this title for yourself?  Try the Indie Bound or ABC bookstore finders!


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