Dear Daniel Waters,

Generation DeadI’ve got mixed feelings about Generation Dead. The premise, which is that American teenagers suddenly start coming back from the dead and leading “unlives,” is fascinating. I enjoy what you’re setting up here, and some of the humor is really great. I am disappointed, though, with the prose. “Show, don’t tell” springs to mind–too many of the descriptions are dry and distracting, rather than folded into the story. I was also a bit peeved that none of the questions I wanted answered, nor the mystery I sensed being built up, were addressed in the end. Perhaps this is going to be a series? Even so, this first book needed more answers, or at least some answers, to make it memorable enough to support sequels. The ending, I thought, was more like the beginning of a different story, when the stories I was waiting for an ending to never got tied up.

All of that said, I did enjoy bits of this quite a lot–I think it’s worth the read, in spite of its problems.  I give it three stars.



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