Dear Michael Dooney,

ChallengesHow do I express the joy that reading Challenges gives me?  I’m sure I did a botch-up job of it when I met you at NYCC last spring, and you signed my copy in such an excellent and personalized way, with the little drawing and all.  Anyway, I’ve had this little book in my collection probably since the year it was published (I was nine), and it’s held steady in my personal top five graphic novels, let alone top Ninja Turtles comics.  I re-read it again, clearly, and it was just as good as all the other times. The art is dynamic and interesting, the stories are funny and clever, and the design of the book is just lovely.  I especially love the story where you think it’s all about how Leo is the consummate warrior, when actually he just finished signing Raph up for the Barry Manilow fan club.  Priceless.  You rock, Michael Dooney!  Also, the lettering (by Mary Kelleher) is really fantastic. Lettering is so often overlooked–but I’m impressed by how wonderfully it’s done in this book.  Five stars, cowabunga.



Wanna check out this title for yourself?  Try the Indie Bound or ABC bookstore finders!


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